What goes into replacing a garage door?

Have you been putting off your garage door replacement or are you now curious because of a sudden tragic event to the garage door? If so, please keep reading on we are here to walk you through your biggest questions.

The garage door many times is the largest moving structure in our homes with over a 100 moving parts on the garage door and motor there is a lot to take into consideration. Some questions you may have: what type of garage door is right for our home, which colors available, what garage door opener will be suited for this new door, and how long will it last? This may seem like a lot to consider for your garage door replacement but you will soon learn everything there is to know about your garage door selections.

Types of Garage Doors

There are 4 main types of garage doors: steel, wood, overlay, and aluminum. Steel garage doors will be made up of a hollow back, insulated vinyl back, or a double steel insulated construction and will be the most cost efficient.  Wood doors are primarily constructed of cypress, hemlock, redwood, or cedar. These doors tend to be the most expensive due to labor and also require the most maintenance due to the weather. Overlay garage doors are constructed with a steel base garage door with wood laid on the exterior of the garage door in custom or standard designs different insulation types are available as well. Overlay garage doors are slightly less expensive than wood doors but require nearly the same maintenance . Last but not least aluminum our personal favorite here at Grease Monkey Garage Door are environmentally friendly and are the most durable of doors when you use a brand such as AlumaDoor who offer endless varieties for size options along with finishes.

Aluminum Full View Garage Door

Types of Garage Door Openers

At this point of our estimate we would already have decided what door we are going with and our Grease Monkey technician will be guiding you to what size and type motor you should select. If you have selected a steel door  or aluminum we always suggest a belt style motor most likely a Liftmaster 8550w quiet, full of helpful accessories such as automatic close and a backup battery in case there is a power outage, and has WiFi connectivity. Now if you have selected a wood or overlay garage door our technician will be steering you more towards a heavy-duty 3/4 HP chain drive motor which has nearly all the same accessories as the previous motor but with the added strength of a chain like Liftmaster’s 8587w.

What type of Garage Door parts will be used?

Almost there we can see the new Grease Monkey Garage Door finish line ahead.  One of the last question you should ask your garage door company is what parts will be used. At Grease Monkey Garage door we only use american made torsion springs the number one repaired part on garage doors. The springs that come with most garage doors are only rated for 5,000- 8,000 cycles (a cycle is one up and down of the garage door). On average you will use your garage 4 times a day which brings us to 1,460 cycles a year so on the optimistic end you will get 5 years out of your springs.  However if you use your garage door much more your springs will only last 2-3 years. At  Grease Monkey Garage Door we give you option of High-Life cycle springs with every door our goal is to keep your garage working great for years to come. Nylon rollers vs plastic contractor grade rollers will play a huge part on how long your door will last. This simple upgrade will increase your roller life 16 times over and in return your torsion springs and garage door opener will have to work much less.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Garage Door?

Here we are at pricing we will start with steel doors a single steel door can range between $600-$1300 based on construction and upgrades selected and a double car will range from $799-$2000. Now aluminum doors will cost between $1800-$4000 based on size and finish selected. Wood and overlay doors will range from $2000- $9000 based on size and stain selected. All of these prices are including installation.


You are now an expert in the various garage door types and garage door openers. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call (480)-569-8367.