Enhance the curb appeal of your projects with our collection of contemporary, full-view, glass and aluminum doors. We offer a range of custom-sized frames & window options.


Reasons To Use:

  • Elegance curb appeal
  • Durability AZ weather
  • Precision Construction
  • Maximize space
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Customizable
  • Wood Grain Finishes
  • 40,000 cycle springs optional 100k cycle springs
  • Premium Rollers
  • Commercial grade hardware
  • No long waiting period for stock sizes

Why we chose to work with AlumaDoor?

Grease Monkey chose to become an AlumaDoor dealer because both companies hold similar values: providing the best customer service experience in our industry bar none, a quality product you can stand by, and efficiency.

What is a Full View Door?

In the garage door industry a full view door is the epitome of an outstanding door. They show craftsmanship, elegance, and quality of install simultaneously. Characteristics that separate this lovely design from the run of the mill steel doors are: a sleek aluminum frame, laminated glass with multiple glazing options, perfectly spaced and cut sections for durability against the elements and perils.

Competitor v.s. AlumaDoor?

More and more companies are introducing their own take on full view garage doors. However, only one brand has perfected its construction and that brand is AlumaDoor. From their sleek and innovative designs to their top notch hardware provided with every door all the way down to the wide end-styles to keep debris, water, and insects out of your safe haven. AlumaDoor has an array of sizes and styles they keep on hand but there custom doors captures the phrase “if you can dream, we can build it.” Offering multiple wood-grain powder coats and various glazing options; you even have the option to extend the life-cycle of your springs.